Cristina Losada was trained as a restorer in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Basque Country. In 2004 she moved to Barcelona and she began self-taught training in the wine world until she formalized studies of

Oenology & Wine Tasting and Sommelier in a couple of hospitality schools. She has been working in some wine shop distributors, restaurants and hotels, and during a sabbatical year she trained at WSET and joined Albert Adrià’s team as sommelier in 41º Experience. She colaborated in the openings of elBarri group restaurants since 2011 and also she developed the drinks lists for the 50 ‘Days by Albert Adrià and Heart Ibiza projects. She has participated in events related to the Sherry wine and she has provided tea workshops. Currently she advises Tickets, Pakta, Hoja Santa and Bodega 1900 what in wines, sake and tea concerns, and she is managing the Enigma’s restaurant dinning room, the new project by Albert Adrià.

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‘My entrance into the world of hospitality began at 15 years old when I started to work in restaurants. After some years, during my university period studying biological sciences, I discovered my passion for

cocktails. Four years of experience in Barcelona’s Born neighbourhood and later in other venues, clubs and several cocktail bars prepared me for work at Albert Adrià’s 41º, where I became head bartender. I am currently the Group Bar Manager for elBarri supervising the bars at each restaurant.’

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Oliver began working as a waiter at 17 years old. At 18 years old he took a one-year course at the Escuela de Hostelería Hofmann, and worked in various local restaurants. He moved to Sevilla in 2004 to be a pastry chef

at the elBulli Hotel. In September 2014, after working in Tragabuches and Comerç 24, he came to the 41º team, coordinating creative direction with Albert Adrià. Since the closure of 41° in August 2013 Oliver has worked alongside Albert Adrià directing the gastronomic offer of a new project, Enigma.

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Diego Grimberg was born in 1985 in Concordia (Argentina). In 2003 he decided to travel to Buenos Aires to study gastronomy. In 2004 he began to work simultaneously with his studies in Chila Buenos Aires cuisine, becoming chef

de cuisine. In 2012 he decides to travel to Barcelona in search of further growth and enters as stagier at 41 degree experience. Soon he becomes souschef. In 2014, after closing 41º, he is part of the opening team of Hoja Santa and Heart Ibiza. From 2016 he works with Oliver Peña and Albert Adrià in the conceptualization of Enigma project. To this day he is Enigma’s chef.

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He was born in Terrassa in 1989. He studies a degree in gastronomy at the Joviat school which ends in 2011. From 2009 to 2011 goes through all the sections of the restaurant El Cingle. In 2011 he is part of the team that

opens 41 ° Albert Adrià cocktail bar that later becomes a restaurant. After passing all sections, he becomes pastry chef. When 41º closes in 2014, he works at restaurants such as Fat Duck, Oriol Balaguer, Dolç de Yann Duytche, Hoja Santa, Tickets and Martin Berasategui during the two years that Enigma is under construction. In 2017 he started as Enigma’s pastry chef.

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